The Rules For Falling in Love

The truth is: there are no rules for the fucking gigantic whirlwind of falling in love with someone.
I, myself happen to have fallen in love with someone even though I knew it could never (EVER) work.
Leaves you wandering, ‘why is my life like this?’, ‘why can’t I fall in love with someone that loves me back?’, or ‘why can’t it be easier’.
Along with this, I don’t think anyone actually considers the pain of those people who have not only got to endure the pain that comes with falling in love with someone they can’t have, but who also have trouble falling out of love.
In my opinion and from experience (yes, I’m only young and my life is a shambles) ,falling out of love is far more difficult that initially falling in love with somebody you can’t have.
Not only will it take a tole on your emotional wellbeing, it can affect you physically, too.
I remember when I first experienced this, I could actually feel the physical pain of not being able to do anything about the situation I was in.
This pain is heightened by the common fantasy of love and falling into it that is portrayed by T.V and social media. I think it’s over-glamorised and gives people the false assumption that falling in love will someone is always so effortless and warm, when in reality it can be a really, really hard time.
I guess this post doesn’t really have a main point or a conclusion, and for that I’m sorry. But if anyone is reading this right now that can feel the pain I am talking about, I hope you know you’re not alone and you most certainly cannot blame yourself for feeling this way. It happens to the best of us and when you finally get over that horrible feeling of being trapped in a situation you can’t seem to find the way out of, you will feel a sense of joy you have never felt before.
Good luck,

Let This Sink In…

deep thoughts

Okay, so I know there is something about the wording of this that’s kind of off and YES it’s bugging me too, but this quote in general is one of the most powerful and influential I have seen in a good while! Lol, so wording aside… Does this quote make you think?

P.S I think it needs the word ‘the’ between the ‘of’ and ‘pain’… correct me if I’m wrong, lol!


All I Want For Christmas is… Your Opinion?

Christmas day, for me, is a day in which every hour is cherished and a day I never want to end. I was laid in bed last night thinking to myself, ‘why can’t every day be like this?’, and the answer is so simple! It can be!

Remember… the only thing stopping you from enjoying every day to the max is YOU!

So,  from now on, I’m going to try to live each day like it’s Christmas Day, and cherish every singe minute of it.

Many people, I feel, don’t enjoy themselves to the full capacity for fear of other people’s opinions. But.. Imagine if other people’s opinions were irrelevant? Would you still continue to say no to swimming because of that fear of taking off your makeup? Would you still, perhaps, give in to your other half because of the fear of what they might say if you don’t? If other people’s opinions had absolutely nothing to do with how you lived your life, would you enjoy life more?

Life is too short to be doing certain things/ not doing them just solely based on what other people may think.

And, finally, when these opinions no longer matter to you, you can begin to live each and every day like it’s Christmas.

All my support,


So, here it is… Merry Christmas?

In my opinion, Christmas was a time created for people of a certain religion to be able to celebrate and come together in remembrance of an incredibly influential part of what they believed in. So, why now has it become a tradition to post almost every item of what you received from your parents (without having to do anything for it) on Snapchat and Facebook?

It actually confuses my whole mind as to how a religious holiday has been turned into something so unreligious and materialistic?

Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of celebrating this holiday without actually fully believing in the religious aspect of it, and that is perhaps why it confuses me so much.

Why have we come to live in such a materialistic generation which thrives on bragging and selfishness? How can people rub their expensive presents and stacks of money into the faces of those who are perhaps less fortunate or don’t even celebrate this holiday themselves without feeling an ounce of guilt?

If you celebrate Christmas and also happen to be an avid Snapchatter whereby you post all of the presents you got on your Story, please let me know your reasoning for this?

P.S no hate just want a few different opinions

Until next time, hoe hoe hoe,



So… Here goes nothing. I’ve been meaning to start this blog in particular for a while now, but my procrastination obviously got the best of me.  Well… That, and the ongoing head-storm this is gonna cause once this is started. Will people read my shit? What if this shit is shit? What if people read my shit, compare it with their own shit and think it’s shit? There’s loads to be worrying about. That’s probably the reason I’ve said the word ‘shit’ so many times…

Anyways, if you happen to stumble upon this blog in the vast depths of the internet, hi! And I hope my life and my deep thoughts can serve as entertainment for normal people unlike myself that like laughing at other’s misfortune. You sick bastards…